Bluffview remodel and addition

4 PHOTOS This project involved opening up three discrete rooms to create an open plan kitchen, dining, living area and connecting the formerly detached garage to the house with the addition of a glassy gallery. The gallery is spacious to accommodate a comfortable seating area. Gallery and remodeled dining/living space are visually tied together with a rhythm of glazing that opens both areas to the owner's garden. Also looking out to the garden is a master bath addition.

Little Forest Hills Residence

8 PHOTOS This project is a compact residence for two art collectors. The design is essentially a long thin bar that creates long interior vistas to make a small footprint feel spacious. Along both sides of the bar are narrow garden areas that create a layer of private outdoor space between the house and its neighbors.

Cherokee Trail Residence

9 PHOTOS The Cherokee Trail residence consists of two narrow wings joined by a two story connector that serves as the entry and stair hall. The narrowness of the wings allows all rooms to be day-lit from two sides, which enhances the experience of the changing cycle of natural light through the day as well as reducing the energy used for electric lighting. At the rear of the property, the two wings are splayed to conform to the pie-shaped site. This opens up the back yard for an expansive deck, outdoor kitchen, and dining patio surrounded by three interconnected pools. The outdoor kitchen responds to the interconnectng pools with the overlapping planes of its countertops. Inside, the living room steps down in response to the slope of the site. The two splayed wings converge on the interior in a triangular stair well that punctuates the two story entry space.

Pilates Studio

10 PHOTOS This project involved the conversion of a residential attached garage into a Pilates studio where the owner teaches Pilates to individual clients. Parking for the owner and her clients is accommodated in a covered carport connected to the studio and the owner's private garden by a trellis-covered limestone path.

Prosper Farm House

5 PHOTOS The forms and materials of the Prosper Farm echo the traditions of Texas farm and ranch architecture: low pitched roofs over simple rectangular forms, clad in galvanized corrugated sheet metal and Oklahoma sandstone. The house consists of a long bar sheltered by porches that run the full length of the house on the north and south. Joining the house to the two story garage is a low connector that serves as secondary entry and mud room. The main living space is a tall vaulted great room that houses the kitchen and living area. Side aisles along the great room contain the dining area on the north and a full size shuffle board table on the south. The side aisles are lined with windows that open the great room to views stretching to the horizon on all sides.

Tiny Projects

3 PHOTOS This light fixture was created from discarded steel objects found in an old barn. The pitchfork can hold any number of different sticks, twigs, or grasses to make a natural "lamp shade".